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Silhouettes on Ipanema


Editor? Designer? Filmmaker?

Well, a little of all of those things, yes.

Hi, I'm Will, a film and TV editor living in Yorkshire, UK, but often based in London and Manchester for work. I have 20+ years experience as a filmmaker and editor cutting factual, scripted and reality stories for the screen.

In 2020 after many years of jumping between the roles from self shooting producer / director to motion graphics artist, I shifted focus entirely to editing film and TV. These past few years I've been fortunate to work with some incredible directors and producers, often working across different genres and formats.


I also have a long history of video and projection design for theatre, having designed shows such as The Kite Runner (West End & Broadway), Rocky the Musical  (Stuttgart), Derren Brown - Miracle (UK tour) and Theatre of Illumination (Light Night Leeds), I still on occasion do video design for live shows.


I've been in many rehearsal rooms and part of the story development process for stage shows. Often collaborating with directors, designers, writers and actors. As a result of that, I've honed and developed a strong sense of visual story telling which translates well to the screen and helps me craft engaging and impactful stories for film. 


Outside of the edit suite, I tend to watch a lot of movies, read about cinema, follow the latest Ai news, hunt for new records, ride and hike a lot with the family, especially in the Lake District. It’s a beautiful landscape and a perfect place to refresh the mind.